Audition tonight – UPDATED

I’m going out for the Scottish Rite Children’s Theatre 2009 Season auditions tonight.

Original works to include:
Little Red Riding Hood – by D. Heath Thompson
Hansel and Gretel – by Ann Ciccolella
The Frog Prince – by D. Heath Thompson
The Little Mermaid – by D. Heath Thompson

The notice said to prepare something.  I don’t really have a children’s show monologue in my repertoire. I was going to try to learn Sally’s coat-hanger sculpture monologue from You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, but I totally procrastinated am out of time and haven’t worked it at all enough.  I’ve decided to a playful version of the “O Romeo” speech from R&J. I figure that if I deliver that monologue in a way that would connect to kids, than maybe, MAYBE, Ann Ciccolella won’t totally barf from hearing me do it again.

UPDATE  It went okay.  I did my monologue too fast.  I’m pretty sure I did stupid things with my hands.  Gwen made it painless though and it was good to see Heath Thompson, Laura Ray, and Bridget Farias again.  Ann sat in the shadows and said nothing, all mystery. I did thankfully get a callback so I will be back at it tonight.  Friday Night Callbacks. Fingers crossed people.


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One response to “Audition tonight – UPDATED

  1. Justin

    Hahaha. No doubt you were excellent, my friend. How’d you like the experience of auditioning for children’s theatre?


    P.S. Don’t know if you’ve had the chance to catch much at SRT, but Heath Thompson has written some pretty great scripts..

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