I’m so not a PC

I'm neither a PC user nor a guitar player. And yes, I did it for the money.

I'm neither a PC user or a guitar player. And yes, I'm basically admitting I have no integrity.

It’s nice to be in New York City again, if only virtually.  This was snapped by my friend Echo in the Spring Street subway station. Look out– I apparently play “for fun.”

The shoot was this summer in Elgin, TX. It was over 95 degrees that day.  It was about a hour’s drive away and my sweetass mom car (a 1982 Mercedes station wagon 300TD) has no air conditioning. By the time I got there, I was a sweaty red ball of nasty.  The makeup people put me in front of about eight fans and an open refrigerator so I wouldn’t look like a freak. Then they gave me those purple pants to try on.

B gave me coaching on how to convincingly hold a guitar before I left the house.  This was prompted by him asking me, “Do you know how to hold a guitar while sitting?” I said “OF COURSE I DO” then I did what felt natural and he promptly pissed himself laughing. His lessons paid off though when they put me in the chair, handed me the guitar, I gripped it as instructed and the art director goes “Cool, you play.” I said “Uh no, but you know…I’ve had lessons.”



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5 responses to “I’m so not a PC

  1. Oat

    I never really liked those “I’m a PC” ads, but it’s cool you got to one anyway! It seems like they’re just trying to not be John Hodgman in a suit, but I like John Hodgman.

    Also, I’m guessing it didn’t actually happen, but I imagined B literally wetting himself because you held the guitar so ridiculously.

  2. actresstx

    Yeah, if he had “literally” wet himself, I would have definitely mentioned that.

  3. Do you know how nerdy I get when I see you in these national ads? I just feel so proud, and like OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, I know her. *beams*

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