Gathering my posse…

If you are an actor or work crew on films in Texas, get up early on March 4th and represent at the state capitol.  My agent has dire words about the amount of work on the horizon.  It is not good. This rally is meant to show the governor and legislators how much support the industry has in the state. We are wearing red, I suppose to represent urgency. Here’s what to do:

The Texas Film Industry needs your help. Here is your call to action!!!!!

We may not have anything to audition for anytime soon if these incentives do not pass with funding! I’m serious. There are very few projects on the horizon. (This is from my agent, Heather Collier). This goes for crew positions too. More and more films are going to states with better incentives than we have in Texas.

So come on with your bad self and show up at the Capitol for the Alliance Rally on 7:30am SHARP on the TXMPA Lobby Day on Wednesday, March 4, 2009 and WEAR RED. If you can’t show up in the morning before work or school, you can show up anytime during the course of the day wearing red. We NEED to show the governor and the legislators how many people in Texas support the film industry. Things are so slow here right now…that should be a HUGE motivating factor. There will be coming in from all over the state to descend on the Capitol.

You don’t need to talk to any legislators…you just need to come dressed in red!!!

So here is what you need to do…

1) Go to this website…

2) Show up for the Rally between 7:15am-7:30am.

3) Maybe make some signs? Signs are fun.

4) If you can’t come in the morning, come sometime during the day. Lunchtime would be great. TXMPA is buying lunch for all of the legislators, so it would be great to have lots of bodies outside the Capitol wearing red showing support for the industry as the legislators make their way to lunch.

5) If you’d like to be part of my posse, let me know if you want to get together to make signs. As I mentioned before, rallies are more fun when you have a sign.


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