Yes we did…

Everyone wore red to symbolize the blood that is oozing from Texass film industrys left-for-dead body. Or not.

Everyone wore red to symbolize the blood that is oozing from Texas's film industry's left-for-dead body. Or not.

I came off the high of the rally this morning to get some great news about the other creative life I live.  B and I won TWO AUSTIN ADDYs for some of the work we did last year (Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Mushroom Men)!!!  This really came at a good time because we both needed some encouragement lately because the work we are doing at the moment does not allow us to be as creative as usual.  This always weighs on me, although I know its part of the deal.  I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished.  We were up against tons of big agencies, and we do all this work ourselves, just the two of us. So yeah, I’m basically patting myself on the back here. Well done.

I’m waiting for more pics and coverage of the rally to appear online.  Click the image above to read what Austin actor/blogger Tommy G. Kendrick has to say about it. He actually got to speak to legislators and listen to committee testimony from director/writer Richard Linklater and producer/director Garry Brown (Prison Break). Both of whom have big projects they want to shoot in Texas, but can only afford to do so if the state offers more generous incentives.  I really don’t see how this can’t get funded. It seems like such a win-win situation for everyone.


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