FTSL opening next week!


So its time. Next week,  Faster than the Speed of Light!: The Musical, is making its world premier.   This show is unlike any musical I’ve seen before.  I love it. Its this dark, clubby, hot thing that is the lovechild of some of the the most talented people in Austin. Many of whom come from entirely different fields than theatre.  We also have an amazing live band.  The music truly is incredible.  I play a super mean dominatrix henchwoman.  I’m part of the chorus, aka Cult of Chaos. I hope I scare you. Only not with my dancing. Okay, so here’s what we are officially saying about the show:

Faster than the Speed of Light! is an original Sci-Fi musical produced, written, directed, scored, danced, sung, designed and built entirely by a local Austin cast and crew. This is also an exciting opportunity for the Salvage Vanguard Theater, a non-profit east Austin theater company, who is co-producing the project as a part of a new movement to hone in on the talents of local and independent Austin theater.

The show runs from May 28th – 30th, June 4th – 6th, and June 11th – 13th.  All shows begin at 8 o’clock and cost only 12 dollars.  The salvage vanguard is located at 2803 Manor Road (www.salvagevanguard.org)  Each thursday shows are “pay what you wish” where we encourage people to come see the production for whatever price is appropriate to them.
Attached to this email is a track from the upcoming Faster than the Speed of Light!: The Album, a One-Sheet detailing more information about the story and cast, a letter of non profit support, and our poster for the show.

And when you get a moment, please visit our website at www.fasterthanthespeedoflight.org

Also, side note, Bill and I made both the poster and the website.  Make sure you check out the ‘About’ section with your sound up.


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