FTSL!: Theatre that dares to go big

Faster Than the Speed of Light! gets its first reviews...

Faster Than the Speed of Light! gets its first reviews...

Some people get it, some people sort of don’t.   The Statesman found the story hard to follow, but still praised the production.  I also love this line: “It comes off as a live-action music video for a Bowie/”Blade Runner” concept album love child.”  As far as I’m concerned, that should be our tagline. And the Austinist just let it flow over them, even if they didn’t follow the plot precisely. Then they gave us huge props for basically just being brave: “The truly remarkable thing about Faster Than the Speed of Light is just how many ways the show could have been a disaster. Austin theater is rarely this ambitious, and even if there are occasional audience members scratching their heads and wondering what, exactly, is happening, those of us who are ready to just strap in and see where it takes us are able to witness a glimpse of what the future could hold: if not the goth clubs and robots, then maybe just a theater scene that dares to go big.”

We are going to insert a little storyline handout into our programs for the remaining shows.  Anything to help people immerse a little more deeply in the experience, rather than feel alienated or confused by not enough exposition, will only add to the fun everyone has with this show.

Tonight at 8!  Pay-What-You-Wish! See you at Salvage Vanguard.


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