Austin Chronicle review

“This drama about mind and spirit and love and grief has much to recommend it.” Of course it starts with a diss, but what Barry Pineo review is complete without at least one?



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6 responses to “Austin Chronicle review

  1. J, I didn’t detect any missed lines on final dress.

    Either I’m slow or he’s over fast. Or they were completely different shows.

    Or all of the above?


  2. susie

    Yes, Michael… I echo those sentiments.

  3. actresstx

    What I like about each night of our performances is that no one is exactly like the other. Given the variables created by the space- the traffic on the street, the crazy wind, the occasional person yelling “LOWRIDER!” during a quiet moment, we have a lot to deal with. It all affects us. I don’t mean though that it makes us forget our lines. I’m not sure what Mr. Pineo is referencing specifically, but its live theatre, sometimes things happen. I thought Saturday’s show felt so alive and real, Andrew in particular, brought a kind of wildness to his scenes with me that night, that made me feel so tender to him in those moments. If something went wrong, I didn’t notice. I was just watching him. Wanting to touch him.

  4. I noticed that there was a point in the second act on Friday where Andrew and Aaron got lost a bit and repeated a few lines, but I didn’t think it worth including in my review, because who really cares?

    I saw Austin Pendleton and Freeman Coffey get totally lost during a scene in The Sunset Limited at Steppenwolf, and I saw effin’ Vanessa Redgrave trip over a line in The Year of Magical Thinking. Acting’s not memorization, and professionalism isn’t determined by whether an actor ever misses a beat. It’s in how he or she maintains control of the moment when that happens.


  5. actresstx

    I agree completely.

  6. susie

    well said everyone.

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