The Frog Prince reviewed!!

Andrea, our total pro

Andrea, our total pro

Michael Miegs, who I saw in the SRCT lobby, that early Saturday morning as I was covered in small children wanting Princess Abigail autographs, wrote a review of the play.  I love critics that make time for kids shows!  Turns out MM has a personal history and love for children’s theatre, so I’m glad we didn’t disappoint.  Here are some highlights:

The action, music, song and joking reeled off quicker than a Merry Melodies cartoon. At the opening performance the kids were agog and the parents were enchanted.”

Jose, great physicality and hilarious choices

Jose, great physicality and hilarious choices

The text, the gags and the direction amuse the grown-ups as much as the kids. For example, I particularly relished the lightning moment when Jose Villareal as the King did a bit of Michael Jackson moon walking.”

Sean Martin and me.  Frog Love.

Sean Martin and me. Frog Love.

Jennymarie Jemison as Princess Abigail and Sean Martin as the Frog Prince make a handsome pair, even when he’s still in his frog getup. In the course of the story Princess Abigail learns some humility and good manners. She even avows her previous misdeeds, so the King can bring back his cook. And when she gives her froggy friend a gentle kiss of friendship, he disappears back down the well, only to emerge as — well, you know how it all turns out.”

After the show the actors mingle with their very impressed audience, chatting with them and autographing the broadsheet programs, which carry on one side a coloring-book version of the poster.



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2 responses to “The Frog Prince reviewed!!

  1. Cute froggies! I wish I could have been there and shout at the frog prince Family-Guy style. Great blog.

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