New Austin Acting Blog alert

My talented friend Ben Wright just started his very own blog, Whiskey and Pineapples.  Ben’s probably best known locally for vocally shredding it up in Arthuriosis, playing Arthur.  I first came to know him as Captain Dance Pants, the nickname he earned during Faster Than the Speed of Light.  (Sidenote:  I was known, I believe ironically, as Captain Wit).  After Faster we went on to work together in TOUCH. Or he and Andrew did the music and then he ran the board.  We also got to have eyesex in the show when I was doing my hooker streetwalk and needed somewhere to focus my gaze.  I heart Ben Wright. Anyway, he’s actually attempting to ambitiously achieve something with his writing, instead of just inflicting his bitchy comments and random insipid musings upon you, the patient reader.  Read it and you may learn something. In the meantime, check this shit out.


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