It could happen in your living room

This is not the official show flyer or anything.  I just made it real quicklike.

Ominous right? This is not the official show flyer or anything. I just made it real quicklike.

I have been cast in a thrilling new play.  It comes from first-time director but established arts reviewer, Dan Solomon (Decider, Austinist) and was penned by his wife, Katherine Craft.  It will be a site-specific performance, taking place in the living room or kitchen of someone’s home.  The whole experience will be like witnessing a very uncomfortable dinner party.  We are using a different living room for each of thhe three weekends.  We still need one more house. Could it be yours? Here’s all the info.

The other three actors in the cast are all fantastic – Bastion Carboni (the infamous!), Spencer Driggers (Getalong Gang), and Karina Dominguez (Orestes). We were all cast without auditioning.  I guess because Dan sees so much theatre, he just handpicked people he thought would be a good fit in each role. In my case,  he’d just reviewed TOUCH.  We all got together and read the play through in his living room.  Dan writes on his blog:

To that end, tonight was the first full-cast reading of the play I’m directing later this summer. It’s an original work that Kat wrote, which really only makes sense, since this all comes from her, anyway. I hope that the actors decide to do it – they brought everything to life in ways that I had only hoped they might. But then, I had a good plan – I just contacted four people I’d seen in things that were massively impressive, or whom I’d interviewed and gotten to understand their approaches to performance, and assumed that, since they proved themselves really talented, they’d turn out to be capable of delivering.

Man, was I right. This is going to be fun. I’ve no idea how much time I want to spend in the future directing theater – my guess is that it’s not going to be a big part of my life, but there’s something fucked up about the fact that I’ve gotten paid more to write about people’s work than the people have made for doing it (which is sad, because it’s not like the life of a freelance theater writer is one of financial excess) and I want to have seen things from their perspective. The stigma that critics are the people who couldn’t do it is strong – I’ve been known to enforce it myself, before this recent incarnation – and I want to dangle my balls out there for a swift kick, so to speak, if I’m going to be taking those shots.

Plus, it’s a fucking good play. With this cast, if they do it, it’ll be something I’m proud to have put together.


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