New Headshot

A little untraditional.  But that's my face. That is what I look like.

A little nontraditional. But that's my face. That is what I look like. And this is my new headshot ladies and gentlemen.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to hang out with my friend and very talented photographer, Jake Holt.  We spent half our time goofing around, half our time taking serious headshots, and overlapped some of that time drinking sidecars, sadly with no sugared rim.  If you book time with him, there probably won’t be the drinking, because you aren’t his buddy and you know, he’s a professional.  His work is amazing.  That photo came right off his laptop last night.  No photoshop. I’m telling you he’s a wizard.

UPDATE:  So this probably isn’t my headshot.  Heather (my agent) said, “Its nice.  You looked like a very relaxed Jennymarie. But its too… dreamy.  Wistful.  What kind of castings could I send this to? Young ingenues? I mean I like it, I just don’t think I like what it says in your eyes.”   Arrgh.  I need to look through the rest of what Jake took.  This was my favorite though.  They say you are your own worst judge of your own headshot.  Maybe I am.  What do you think directors out there?

Also Jake just put up a blog with his fabulous photos.  A lot of the playful shots we took during my headshot shoot are up.  And if you are looking for a wedding photographer, well, he’s the best.


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  1. janet

    i love this picture so much. it IS you. it sees you and we see you. bravo.

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