We open in a week




Its Dan Soloman’s first turn as director. He is a professional critic and he told us last night that his pubs won’t be sending one of their reviewers to his show.  Instead, in a ballsy move, he’s asked all the directors that he’s critiqued to come and review No One Else for the Austinist.  He writes more about this decision here. The only director I know for sure is doing it is Susie Gidseg, who directed me in TOUCH.  Its sort of nerve wracking thinking of the tables turning between reviewer and director, with us actors in the middle.  Good thing we love Dan so much.  Turns out he’s an actor’s director.  We’re all in scenework heaven.

We should have some promo stuff and a proper flyer soon.  The amazing Erica Nix is coming to take photos of us tonight and then I’ll make a flyer for us over the weekend.  In the meantime, we have a website where you can both make reservations for the show and share your most traumatic breakup story for a chance to win tickets.




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2 responses to “We open in a week

  1. JennyMarie, please send me whatever you work up for press — I’ll be happy to post on ALT.com. Thanks! Michael

  2. actresstx

    Thanks for the support Michael! Maybe you should direct a play too. 😉

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