We are already sold out for this weekend, reserve now for our final performances.

My friend Jackie came out to see the show Saturday.

My friend Jackie came out to see the show Saturday. He was so lovely to everyone. He even talked to Karina's husband on the phone, as apparently he's had a mancrush on Jack since 1976.

So yeah, first couple of shows are over.  Opening night was wonderful.  Saturday was well, it was the second show.  Historically, the second show of the run is always the worst.  I don’t mean that our show was bad, it just wasn’t as good as we know it could have been.  Spence and I beat ourselves up a little afterward, but I don’t think anyone else really noticed.  I hated that it was the show that Jackie saw, because its the only time he’s ever seen me act.  He told me that I “had chops” afterward, which made me smile for several hours in the beaming chipmunk manner than you see in the picture above.  This weekend we only have eleven seats available in the smallish, Hyde Park home that we are performing in.  So, not surprisingly, they are all gone.  I think we still have some seats available for closing weekend.  And there is some talk of doing two shows those nights, back-to-back, if there is demand.  The show only runs an hour or so, so its potentially totally doable, though they may have to hide the sharp objects from me afterward.


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