No One Else reviewed by Austin Live Theatre


Michael Miegs is back to work after the long weekend.  He’s just posted our first real review, and despite what the picture above would have you believe,  its a good one:

Two couples, crossed relationships, some dissembling, some gloating, incomprehension and resentment. . . this one could have turned into lengthy exercise in trivialities and clichés. It could equally have turned into a facile push into violent aggression; a lesser writer might have been tempted to bring on a weapon toward the end, in order to clip these complications clean.

Instead, Craft uses two principal strengths: dialogue that’s sharp, responsive and credible, and plotting that pushes these individuals together in encounters, both as a group of four and by threes and twos, calculated to reveal gradually to us their assumptions, their characters, and their relationships. There is, indeed, violence, but it is principally psychological…”


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