And she’s back!

My next show ya'll!

My next show ya'll!

So after a cruel bout with the world’s currently most trendy flu and then the even crueler amount of work that followed a week of sickdays, your favorite (re:only) lowbrow voice of Austin theatre  is back with news.  I’m a sexy cowgirl!  Yes, I know, that so isn’t news, that is just FACT, but in this case I mean it in an official capacity.  I am one of four sexy cowgirls comprising the chorus of Lonestar, Texas: A Popcorn Throwing Rock Country Musical. I play Lu Ann and I’m one friendly neighbor: “Lu Ann’s camper is has the widest swinging door in Post Oak Trailer Park.”  This musical is an original work by my multi-talented friend and lapsed blogger, Ben Wright, and is a Vestige Group production, directed by Jen Brown and  Susie Gidsig.  We had our first dance rehearsal with choreographer Zen Taylor this weekend and it was silly fun and a boot-slapping good time. Most of the cast are Arthuriosis-expats, so that should get you stoked. We open November 4th. I think its pretty funny that country musicals are enjoying a hot moment here in Austin, the Mechs started it off with I’ve Never Been So Happy and Dustin Wills follows with the upcoming Murder Ballad Murder Mystery. Westerns are almost as popular in Austin as swine flu, and only slightly less deadly.
Ben and I with post-Faster Than the Speed of Light decorations and libations

Ben Wright and me with post-Faster Than the Speed of Light decorations and libations. Also, this is what it would look like if I was Ben's drunken goth parasitic twin.



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