Welcome to Lonestar, ya’ll!

Backstage with Lou Ann. Photo by Beth Ann, aka Michele Keffer

Backstage with Lou Ann. Photo by Beth Ann, aka Michelle Keffer.

Opening weekend came and went like a hot slippery calf  fresh out the shoot.  In our abbreviated run of only Friday and Saturday, we had over 80 people in the house.  And they were rowdy and not afraid to throw things.   Just how I like ’em.  I’ll admit, rehearsing in my living room the week before we opened, I had my fears of how this was all gonna go down, but Friday the show was just so much fun that we all had a hard time wiping the grins off our faces for hours afterward.  Its even harder to lose the accent.  My apologies to all the friends I saw at Rio Rita that were embarrassed by my redneck, Jessica Simpson act complete with ponytail.  I’m sure I said the words “SO MUCH FUN” more than you’ll need to hear again maybe ever.  Or until you come out to the show, then you’ll know what I mean.

Get your tickets now, ya’ll.  This is not one you want to miss.  We’re looking to sell out the next two weekends.  We also have Wednesday and Thursday shows starting this week, and Wednesday is free beer night.  Reserve those tickets now, chickens.


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