Austin: East of I-35

The cover of my first book project

The cover of my first ever book project. A book of photography about Austin's east side.

In my other job/life, I am a graphic designer.  Last May, my little company started working on a book project with the photographer Rama Tiru.  We met her at the Austin E.A.S.T. tour last year, and after buying a print from her, she approached us to do the book.  Now, almost a year to the day later, the fruit of the collaboration between us is now in the world.  This project is a true marriage between her photography and our design.  Rama was opposed to the standard, deferential white space that is usually utilized in photobooks, so with her blessing, we went to East Austin with our cameras and gathered textures and color and hand-drew type treatments.  The resulting work is dense with eastside flavor.  This book was heading to press during the same time-frame as Lonestar was opening.  This is why even though that show was one of the most fun theatrical experiences I’ve ever had, and our houses were full every single night, you haven’t heard much out of me. The last couple of weeks were really rough, my candle burned at both ends. But now I am out the other side of both endeavors, and  both have brought me so much joy and fulfillment, that it was worth crying at my desk on my birthday.   I’ll have a link shortly where the book can be purchased online.


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