The Glass Menagerie

Auditions for Tex-Arts production of the Tennessee Williams’ classic are tonight at the State Theatre.  Wish me luck.

UPDATE:  So I did not get cast in this show.  My first read with Babs George was so exciting.  She really is just the best, everything people say about her being awesome is true. Then I read the gentleman caller scene with Colin Bjork, which was fantastic.  I was selfishly very grateful he was tall.  He spun me around in our waltz and I think there was magic.  Michael Costello, the director, asked me to stay for a second after we read.  I thought he was going to say something conspiratorial and promising, but instead he said this, “If I call you back, can you come in looking like a woman?  I want you to put some makeup on, curl your hair, wear the dress that makes you feel the most feminine.”  I was completely taken aback.  I was wearing a brown sweater and brown corduroy pants.  I sort of looked like a soba noodle, but this is LAURA FROM THE GLASS MENAGERIE. He was telling me to get foxy for LAURA FROM THE GLASS MENAGERIE.  Then he dropped this little bomb, giving me the up and down with his eyes he said, “Right now, you look a little… cowboy.”

A little cowboy!?  A LITTLE COWBOY? I was completely deflated by this after coming off the high of a good audition.  Callbacks were the next day.  Work was crazy because we submitting the book and a website to the Austin Addys.  I was late to callbacks because of this, and also because I had to go home after work to curl my goddamn hair.  I had just arrived, looking superhot by the way, and was taking off my coat when Mr. Costello walked out and saw me.  “Good,” he said, “You’re wearing a dress.”  Then he looked over to Nigel O’ Hearn and said, “You two. Let’s see it.”  Nigel and I hadn’t ever met each other, much less read the scene together, or worked out the blocking for the waltz.  To say our read was awkward is an understatement.  We were given the dreaded, “Thank you very much,” halfway through the scene, and that was that.

At least I don’t have to drive to Lakeway every day.



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4 responses to “The Glass Menagerie

  1. Hm. As a producer in town and the producer of this particular show and one who hires several actors & actresses a year for paying work out here in Lakeway, this is an interesting portrait of an actress’ perspective. Funny someone happened across this in the office…

  2. actresstx

    Hi Todd. Yes, I met you at the callbacks. I think its great you guys pay actors to perform in Lakeway. Please take everything I write on this blog with a big grain of salt. Its meant to be entertaining, but I do write honestly about my experiences.

  3. Hambone

    Hm? Why Hm? And what’s so funny about “happening upon a blog”? That’s what it is for.

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