Saint Matilde’s Malady triumphs!!! (Unofficially, according to me)

We avoided the fateful blackout, and came in under 25 minutes, to thunderous applause.

So we won’t know whether or not we go on to compete for Best of Week until 11:30 on Friday night, but what I do know is that we were awesome.   Even with a slew of new cues (the rhyming is almost pathological at this point), we ran an almost flawless show and came in under the wire.  The crowd loved it from the second Tillery opened her downtrodden whore mouth.   Panicked as we were that we would run over, we had to push through, even over deafening laughter and impromptu applause.  I got kicked at the end, when Brian was cartwheeling, but since I was wearing about 18 bras, it didn’t hurt one bit.   Does all this sound so cryptic and intriguing?  Does it make you want to see this show?  Well, have no fear, even if we somehow aren’t picked for Best of, we will be staging this somewhere. Stay tuned.


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