Saint Matilde’s Handsome Cast Photos

At the Parlour, first night of the Fest. Hair by Kara Cox, Makeup by Emily Daughtery and Rebecca Whelan. Photos by Rebecca Whelan.

With our faithful director Liz Lay

We look like candy on that black stage.

The formidable Molly Forge, Chaille Stidham

She is sadly...Tammy, Talleri McRae

His first time on land, Sampson, Bryan Gonzales

Dirty Vickie, the Pirate Queen, Jenn Hartmann

The noble Captain Twister, Joel Osborne

"Connie commands, everyone obeys." JMJ. My hair looked better the second night. It sort of became its own character.

Our wolf mother,Liz Lay, getting us pumped.

Pre-show group hug



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3 responses to “Saint Matilde’s Handsome Cast Photos

  1. m

    who is the girl with the red shirt and black pirate hat

  2. actresstx

    Jenn Hartmann

  3. Rob

    Chaille is hot!

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