UT Fencing and St.Matilde join forces tonight! 8PM!

Before my madam hair is achieved, I go through what I like to call the Robert Smith transition.

Yes I know Lost premieres tonight, but seriously, how can it compete with LIVE SWORDS!!! LIVE COMEDY!!! LIVE AWESOMENESS!!!!

From what I have been told, at 8, the nationally ranked fencing team will do a 15 minute fencing demonstration, then, following that, there will be a full-on “Pirates of the Caribbean-esque” saber battle, and then, at the 30 minute mark, our little pirate/whore play.  DOES THAT NOT SOUND INCREDIBLE?  We are super excited.  Here’s the release:

The University of Texas Fencing Club teams up with the cast and company of St. Matilde’s Malady to present to you an evening of sword fighting and sailor comedy. Come enjoy dueling demonstrations and a stage combat sabre battle followed by the performance of the lauded 2010 FronteraFest “Best of Week” Short Fringe selection, St. Matilde’s Malady.

February 2nd @ 8pm
Belmont Hall, third floor
Admission: $7
All proceeds will help send the UT Fencing Club to the 2010 Collegiate National Championships.

Click on the link to find out where Belmont Hall is located.  All I know is that its in the Stadium on the third floor, on the San Jacinto side.


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