Waiting for Waiting Rooms

Two summers ago I shot a feature film called Waiting Rooms.  It was one of the best experiences I’ve had with any project.  The director and crew were very young, but they were enthusiastic and capable, and it was thrilling to see them creating something so ambitious when most kids their age were playing Xbox and getting high.  Actually, I’m pretty sure these kids did that too, but also somehow made a movie.  Its been a long time since we shot this, and I began to fear that it was actually never going to be finished,  that it would die in post-production.  But finally, finally, it is here.  The screening is tomorrow night and the trailer was released this evening.  The camera work is lovely and instead of the impending sense of dread I usually feel before watching something that I’m in in a public setting, I’m instead really looking forward to seeing my family again.

Waiting Rooms.  The story of the life of a family from the birth of the youngest son to the death of the father told in sixteen scenes all taking place in waiting rooms in the Austin area.


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