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What You Touch Is Gold

This weekend I was asked to take part in a play reading at Hyde Park Theatre for a new work by local playwright Amory Casto.  What You Touch is Gold is the story of Charlotte (Erica Heidepriem),  a small town cashier at Craft Nation caught in the emotional tide of two men (Jimmy Gonzales and Joey Hood), one of them having a particularly dark undertow.  I played her very pregnant sister, Hope, who with her husband provides Charlotte’s touchstone and much of the levity in the story.  I really hope this deserving play gets a full production.  In the meantime, I’ll have to content myself with my first experience being onstage at Hyde Park with Ken Webster (who directed and played supporting characters) and Joey Hood.  How did that feel?  Oh you know, AWESOME.


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Working Hard

Photo from the set of Austin High by Ryan Green Photography

Hello my babies.  Just want to let you know something exciting is in the works.  Exciting to me at least.  There has been radio silence from this blog, and my JMJ site has been redirected to point here.  What could it all mean?  Developments are on the horizon.  Big, shiny ones that blind your eyes.  Stay tuned.

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