New work by local playwrights – Showcase at the Vortex Sunday August 8th

In a simple yet smart move, a talented group of Austin’s playwrights have banded together to present small samples of their work to local theatre companies and directors in the hopes of making some new connections. The desired effect is that some writers and directors will find new people whose work and ideas they respond to. For actors,  it’s a great way to get in front of a lot of directors and writers. I am excited to be doing a selection from Sarah Saltwick’s play, “She Creatures.”  I feel very lucky actually in that the scene I am doing is entirely self-contained, and not a sliver of a larger work. The other playwrights involved are Aimee Gonzalez, Jason Tremblay, Cyndi Williams, Trey Deason, and Meg Haley.
The event will take place on August 8, 8pm at the Vortex Theatre. If you have a theatre company or are just interested in the work of Austin’s playwrights, come and check it out.  The whole event was conceived by Elizabeth Cobbe.  Contact her for more information.


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