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Project Rant 084: I hate iPhones

Another rant for the angry masses!!  I know a lot of people can relate to this one, well, maybe not the myspace reference.  I’m shooting one more on August 8th and its a doozy.


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I hump a table for Project Rant’s one year anniversary

Breastfeeding in public inspires some other "natural" acts

Its Project Rant‘s one year anniversary!  And I somehow managed to be both this week’s featured rant, and the archived Favorite Rant.  Super super cool.  I love working with Cliff and Luis, they always know how to coax out the funny.  There are two more in the queue, one in which I wear a snuggie.  Also, be sure to check out last week’s rant, featuring my acting hero, Liz Fisher.

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Project Rant: Blowing UP!

Picture 1

Justine frickin' Bateman - holy shit!

From Salon.com - holy shit!

From Salon.com - holy shit again!

The co-creator of Project Rant, Cliff Wildman, told me that my rant is #1 in views.   This is due to the subject of my rant, which is igniting a fierce debate on a lot of online forums and on the project rant comment section itself, which is usually pretty bare.  Never thought I’d be in the middle of a big gay debate, but I love it.  On a related topic, I wish I had tickets to Kathy Griffin tonight.

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