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We are already sold out for this weekend, reserve now for our final performances.

My friend Jackie came out to see the show Saturday.

My friend Jackie came out to see the show Saturday. He was so lovely to everyone. He even talked to Karina's husband on the phone, as apparently he's had a mancrush on Jack since 1976.

So yeah, first couple of shows are over.  Opening night was wonderful.  Saturday was well, it was the second show.  Historically, the second show of the run is always the worst.  I don’t mean that our show was bad, it just wasn’t as good as we know it could have been.  Spence and I beat ourselves up a little afterward, but I don’t think anyone else really noticed.  I hated that it was the show that Jackie saw, because its the only time he’s ever seen me act.  He told me that I “had chops” afterward, which made me smile for several hours in the beaming chipmunk manner than you see in the picture above.  This weekend we only have eleven seats available in the smallish, Hyde Park home that we are performing in.  So, not surprisingly, they are all gone.  I think we still have some seats available for closing weekend.  And there is some talk of doing two shows those nights, back-to-back, if there is demand.  The show only runs an hour or so, so its potentially totally doable, though they may have to hide the sharp objects from me afterward.


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The tables have turned. Bastion interviews Dan for Austinist.

NoraCharliePROMOBastion and Dan have a chat about Dan’s choice to move from critic to director.   Its good stuff.

The show opens tonight and its sold out.  My stomach status is queasy with a slight touch of the panic.  That seems about right.

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No One Else Promo Shots by Erica Nix

"We can all be friends, right?"

"We can all be friends, right?"

See more shots of the post-dinner party emotional massacre here… Continue reading

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No One Else Will Ever Love You opens Friday

I made this flyer this weekend.  Photography by Erica Nix. She's the coolest.

I made this flyer this weekend. Photography by Erica Nix. She's the coolest.

There are only six performances and seating is super limited.  Please reserve your tickets now to make sure you are one of the lucky few that get to see this brand new play.  Here are all the deets:

No One Else Will Ever Love You
Directed by Dan Solomon

Written by Katherine Craft.
Starring Jennymarie Jemison, Spencer Driggers, Karina Dominguez, and Bastion Carboni.

Rick and Jen are back in the country after their honeymoon, and they’ve invited Rick’s best friend Nora, along with her boyfriend Charlie, over for dinner. As they open their fifth bottle of wine, Rick and Charlie both struggle with their desire to dominate the room – and more importantly, Nora. Staged in the living rooms of local volunteers, this one-act play about the chess matches that some men play for power over the women in their lives, and the subsequent effort to be no one’s pawn, presents a visceral and immediate theatrical experience.

Full Run Dates
August 28th and 29th
September 5th and 6th
September 11th and 12th

All performances are at 8pm.

All tickets are $10-$15 and available online at Venue addresses will be given after ticket purchase. All venues are centrally located in Austin, TX.

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I know I’m unloveable, you don’t have to tell me

I should be sleeping. And if I’m not sleeping, I should be going over my lines.  But I don’t want to read the No One Else script before I go to sleep.  I’m afraid that the words will find me in my dreams and I’ll wake up sobbing.   The show is not one that will leave you devastated, don’t worry.  You, as the audience just get to witness these very flawed humans inadvertantly or purposefully trying to damage one another.  That can be entertaining.  But I’m a wallow-er.  I would knit a sad song into a scarf and wear it to school. I  just saw the excellent production of As You Like It at the Scottish Rite theatre, and I laughed much too loudly as my friend, the wonderful Rob Matney as Jacquis said the line, “I can suck melancholy from a song as a weasel sucks eggs.” Oh man, Jaquis, we should hang out.

I thought I would share a sad song with you. Also, the video is really fucking cool.

Goodnight out there to the loved and to the unloveable,


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We open in a week




Its Dan Soloman’s first turn as director. He is a professional critic and he told us last night that his pubs won’t be sending one of their reviewers to his show.  Instead, in a ballsy move, he’s asked all the directors that he’s critiqued to come and review No One Else for the Austinist.  He writes more about this decision here. The only director I know for sure is doing it is Susie Gidseg, who directed me in TOUCH.  Its sort of nerve wracking thinking of the tables turning between reviewer and director, with us actors in the middle.  Good thing we love Dan so much.  Turns out he’s an actor’s director.  We’re all in scenework heaven.

We should have some promo stuff and a proper flyer soon.  The amazing Erica Nix is coming to take photos of us tonight and then I’ll make a flyer for us over the weekend.  In the meantime, we have a website where you can both make reservations for the show and share your most traumatic breakup story for a chance to win tickets.



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Mad Men

Why aren't there ads like this anymore?  Why isn't there any Fog in London?

Why aren't there ads like this anymore? Why isn't there any Fog in London?

As both an actor and an art director, Mad Men is like crack to me.  I get such a high off of it.  I want to watch it twice each week.  Once so I can eyeball every inch of the screen and absorb all the colors, hairstyles, wallpaper, cufflinks, stockings, neckties, glasses, etc. and then once so I can actually pay attention to the plot and performances and you know, the show.  Now I just discovered this blog, The Footnotes of Mad Men.  I’m not sure that it follows with my metaphor, in that it compiles footnotes to my crack addiction, but I’m still going to try to smoke it.

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